The Hoopern Valley “is the largest open space in the ward and is a valuable asset not just for St James but for the city as a whole” [Exeter St James Neighbourhood Plan]

Exeter University is currently considering the use of this space and is keen to understand what the local community think this land should be used for. Some residents have received a letter (view here) about the consultation with a link to their website (here) which has details of an in-person exhibition on the Streatham Campus on Tuesday 16 May and an online feedback form.

The importance of Hoopern Valley is recognised in this specific policy of the Neighbourhood Plan:

EN2: Hoopern Valley

Development which would detract from the landscape or ecological value of the Hoopern Valley Park will not normally be permitted.  Proposals that would enhance the accessibility, understanding or enjoyment of the biodiversity assets of the park may be considered provided its distinctive character, biodiversity and recreational value is retained and there would be no harm to its special qualities including its wildlife habitats, corridors and any other features of ecological interest including those related to protected species. Where appropriate, development should also restore, conserve or enhance the biodiversity value of the area, for example through the incorporation of biodiversity features into buildings and landscape.

During public consultation leading to the formulation of policy the overwhelming consensus of local residents was that the valley should be kept open for the general public and there was a strong desire to see improved access. The Trust believes this remains the case and would urge all interested parties to respond to the consultation to ensure the University is made aware of just how much our community values this green space.