Recently installed CCTV comes to QCG

The need for a camera in this position has long been considered very important by Exeter’s Community Safety Partnership and Dennis Cavanagh, ECC’s CCTV Control Centre Manager, is impressed by the far better coverage made available by this camera, not only of the Garden, but of Queen’s Crescent, Longbrook Street, and York Road, including the Mosque and St Sidwell’s Primary School.

Two stills taken from the CCTV covering Queen’s Crescent Garden

Dennis says, “As a key transit route for university students and Exeter residents in the North of the City this addition further demonstrates the Council’s commitment to the Safer Women at Night initiative.”

Inspector Simon Arliss, with whom the Directors have been working since 2018, specifically identified QCG as a key site for a camera in the original Safer Central Exeter funding bid and hopes are high that as well as providing evidence for dealing with any serious incidents, it will act as a very useful deterrent to the low level ASB including fly tipping and vandalism that has been occurring from time to time.